Camping and Motor Homes

Camping and Motor Homes

Camping and Motor Homes

The view in the image to the left shows camping on Traigh Mhor beach by the airport.  This was a wonderful place to camp in the past, but now has been banned due to erosion of the Machair.  Camping is now a bit limited on the island and alternatives have been slow to follow.

There are now three new camping areas,  Borve, Bolnabodach Croft 183 and Scurrival Camp Site.  The three crofts that are hosting campers have done their best to accommodate a need for somewhere to park and, in a very short time.  Bans come in very quickly but planning and finance to provide facilities come in less so.  Therefore, it is a case of do what you can, where you can.

The people of Barra are an extremely friendly group of individuals, but care should be taken not to take advantage of their friendly nature.  I personally take my motorhome to Barra as part of my work with Explore Scotland.  I have found the situation difficult, but improving all the time.

R.E.T. has meant that taking a vehicle over to Barra is less expensive than it was, but the restrictions mean that I tend to move over to the Uists to get facilities for toilet emptying and water etc.  Proper disposal facilities exist on Eriskay at the ferry terminal.

The situation with the developing campsites is changing all the time, so please keep an eye on for more up to date information.

One final and important thing to remember if you are a motorhome owner.  The roads are single track, so keep your eye on your mirrors and ALOW VEHICLES BEHIND YOU TO PASS.  Also, always pull into the left when passing a vehicle approaching.  Wave nicely when you pass please.

Below are three 360 degree images of the campsites.