5 superb beaches


The Isle of Barra has a number of really good and clean beaches.  Most of the best beaches face west towards the Atlantic swell.

One very prominent one though is on the eastern side and is used for the Airport.

Below are brief descriptions, locations and comments of Barra's wonderful beaches.  We start on the west side and work around to the Airport beach


Tangasdale beach

Tangasdale beach

Tangasdale beach or Bagh Halaman

Is a vey good beach to swim, surf and go into rock pools with the kids.  Above the beach is a large hotel if refreshments are required and access to the beach is close to the road.

allasdale beach

Allasdale beach

Allasdale Beach or  Traigh Hamara

Just a bit further north than Tangasdale, along the A888, park in quite a good car park and walk over the small bridge and down the burn to the beach.  Car Park Location

Cleat Beach

Cleat Beach

Cleat Beach

Another pristine beach located just before as the main A888 heads inland.  Take a left turn, signposted Cleat and follow the road to the end past the golf course.  A small parking area is available at the end of the road.  Please don't park in the turning area.  Location of car park

Traigh-Eais beaches

Traigh-Eais beach

Traigh Eais

This is the longest of the beaches and stretches for a good distance up the north west coast.  It lies at the other side of a dune and machair area to the Airport and is large beach.  If you park close to the airport and walk over the dunes is the closest approach.

Whilst in the area it is good to vis the ancient graveyard of Cille Bharra

Aircraft landing on the barra beaches

Aircraft landing

Traigh Mhor

Finally, the most interesting of all the beaches is the Airport Beach.  This is a very wide expanse of firm sand and a small aircraft can land in almost any direction when the tide is out.

When the tide is out watch out for the flags that are hoisted for an in coming aircraft.

The beach is patrolled during flight times, so you won't be in any doubt.  The sands are full of cockles and often, local people will be seen harvesting them

wind sock being hoisted

Wind sock being hoisted for incoming plane

cockle picking on the beach

Cockle picking on the beach

runway options

Beach runway options.

Plane taking off from the beach

Plane taking off from the beach